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Different Soil And Mulch Choices

Professional grade mulch and soils available for delivery to The Woodlands and surrounding areas. One of the best things that can be done to assist with water conservation and improve soil quality is to use a quality mulch. With our intense summer heat, mulch will help protect your soil from excess drought.
Mulch is an essential ingredient for plant growth and works by slowly decaying over time, releasing nutrients for plants to consume. It’s also great for reducing the spread of weeds and helps keep soil in place during stormy conditions. The next most essential ingredient is a healthy top soil. Top soil is full of organic matter and micro-organisms that also assist with providing plants with nutrients.

Black Hardwood

Black Hardwood mulch is a colored version of the Native Brown Hardwood mulch.  We sell a liquid dyed mulch with an environmentally friendly pigment.  Our mulch is a true hardwood mulch that does not have any ground pallets, wood waste or chipped wood.  It also does not contain any boiler ash or activated charcoal which can leach nutrients from your soil and harm your plants.  There is not an all natural black mulch but this is as close as I can find.

Brown Hardwood

Brown Shredded Hardwood mulch is an all natural shredded hardwood product.  The mulch is fine ground and retains all of its fine material which help with nutrient and water retention.  This product contains no dyes, ground pallets, wood waste, or chipped wood.

Garden Mix

Our Garden Mix is a proprietary blend of screened topsoil, compost, wood fines and a small portion of sand.  Our mix is made to have what your plants need for raised bed gardens and will retain a proper amount of moisture for bedding plants. 

Bed Mix

Bedding mix is an economical solution for amending soils for garden beds.  It is a blend of topsoil, wood fines, and sand.  There is no organic amendment or compost added to this mix.

Screened Top Soil 1/2″ Screen

Screened Topsoil is the top 12-24” of organic soil below the ground.  We take this soil and run it through our ½” Trommel screen to remove any rocks, roots or debris that may be in the soil.  This leaves a good clean product that can be used for leveling lawns before or after they are installed.

Black Gold 1/2″ Screen

Screened Compost Blend – Our screened compost blend is an excellent amendment to any soil in lawns and flower beds.  We take composts and age them for a minimum of six months before blending and screening to the perfect consistency.  Our compost has a rich organic content and can be used as a topdressing, soil amendment, or mulch in your beds.

Turf Grass Mix

Turfgrass Mix is a blend of 40% Screened Topsoil, 40% Screened Compost, and 20% Sand.  This is a premium final grade product that enhances the organic material in the soil.  Having a rich soil base will allow sod to establish more quickly and lower the water and nutrient requirements over time.